About 59 Indigo Road

At 59 Indigo Road we believe art and design are everyone's playground and should be affordable, easily accessible and readily available.

Our goal is to provide printable art in several forms: as junk journal sets and kits, ephemera, digital scrapbook paper, illustrations, decorative and clip art.

We offer our digital goods - no physical items are ever shipped - at a low cost to make them more accessible. In addition, instant downloads after the purchase enable our clients and customers to implement their ideas with no delay.

As we don't subscribe to "ugly is beautiful" concept, you can expect a lot of charm, vintage appeal and a touch (or more) of whimsy at 59 Indigo Road. We combine digital and analogue media to create unique modern look with vintage overtones, using watercolor, ink, oil paints and pastels in addition to an array of digital mediums.